The above picture is typical of what fits in our
truck. The scooter and bicycle were placed in metal recycling. 

Disposal Fee is an expense that occurs when your junk is disposed of. The fee is determined by weight. Some items on the truck are charged by weight and item. Mattresses and box springs fit into that category. Some items can be recycled before the junk is weighed. Metal, electronics and paper fit into that category. Disposal Fee will be estimated and quoted to you at time of junk removal.

The Lettuce Man will remove your junk from anywhere it is located on your property. Items too big to get through a door or put on our truck are cut down by demolition  equipment.

Ease of access will keep the price down!

Every Item That goes On Our Truck Is Sorted For Junk Or Recycle
lettuce help you
The Lettuce Man ......."lettuce help you"
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We Do Not Take:

Nuclear Waste

Tires Mounted On Wheels
More Than 4 Tires
  Any Type Of Tank

Always Get
A Free,
No Obligation,
No Sales Pressure,
Estimate !!!
phone: 410.404.2597
phone: 862.GET.LETT

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